End of Life Vehicles

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Collon Vehicle Dismantlers offer great prices for end of life vehicles. Do you have a vehicle lying around your property or are you not happy with any price you’ve received for your end life vehicle? We buy vehicles across all makes and models, regardless of mileage or condition. We also collect dormant vehicles and collect cars from all over Dublin endeavouring to offer our customers the best possible rate for their vehicle.

Collon Vehicle Dismantlers are an authorised crushing facility. All of our recycled materials are sold back to the motor industry for the production of new vehicles. Everything needed for your car and commercial vehicles are available at discount prices at Collon Vehicle Dismantlers.

Collon Vehicle Dismantlers have made a huge investment in cutting edge machinery at our extensive workshop including a state-of-the-art lifting plant where all liquids are drained from vehicles and then segregated and stored ready for collection by registered waste carriers for treatment and subsequent re-use.

Collon Vehicle Dismantlers take great care over our their environmental processes and as a reputable company Collon Vehicle Dismantlers work closely with county councils and all relevant authorities to innovate green strategies

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